How to Use TUTUAPP Application And Download APPS

If your smartphone does not have a place to install new applications, transfer the old ones to the SD card. The circumvention of the related restrictions is quite simple.

How to transfer applications to a memory card with standard tools

The function of transferring applications to the SD-card appeared in Android 2.2 and disappeared in Android 4.4. True, in some firmware it still is. So try it.

Go to Settings → Applications. Select the application you want to migrate. In the settings window, click the “Transfer to SD card” button.

Remember: any developer guarantees the stable operation of his application only if it is installed on the internal drive.

Download Tutuapp

This way it will not be possible to transfer system applications, widgets, live wallpapers and alarm clocks.

In Android 6.0 and above, a fundamentally different way of working with an external memory card appeared. Adoptable Storage allows you to use the card as part of the internal storage. True, with some limitations.

The system will automatically format (and therefore do not forget to copy all data) and encrypts the SD card to ensure the security of information. So inserting a card into the computer will be useless. Music, photos and documents can be opened only from the phone.

Download And Install Tutuapp

To activate the Adoptable Storage function, open the phone settings and select “Memory”. Click on the SD card, and then select “Settings” → “Format as internal memory” → “Erase & Format”. Select “Use as internal storage”, and then “Next” and restart the phone.

After these actions, the “Memory” tab will appear in the menu of third-party applications, with which you can move the applications to an external card.

Just remember: the method may not work in some firmware. In this case, special applications will help.

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